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Our national email newsletter is sent to over 65,000 subscribers (the open rate is 34%) and it's growing at 500-600 subscribers per week. Whether you’re a garden designer, landscape architect, work at a botanical garden, nursery, or product manufacturer you’ll be able to connect with consumers who make the most sense for your business. If you haven’t seen our newsletter check out a sample here.

无良福利视频导航鸟鸣导航-If you’re looking to really grow your social media following, we have dedicated social media advertising options to help. Our social following is quite large: Instagram (200k+ followers), Facebook (430k+ followers), Twitter (46.6k+ followers).


  • Advertise your business in cities or states around the country. Ad programs allow you to roll out ads to locations with great weather as the season progresses or target customers within 100-miles of a city you choose. There are also options to target entire states and regions such as the Pacific Northwest, Southwest, or Northeast.

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    Each ad drives qualified buyers to you. An ad includes one photo, a headline, 55-60 words of text, and two links to your website. You can customize your ad with each newsletter placement to promote different products, events, garden exhibits, tours, or design projects.

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    You’ll reach garden lovers. Garden Design’s newsletter subscribers and social media followers are passionate about gardening, plants, spending time outdoors, going on garden tours, visiting botanic gardens, taking garden classes, and being in nature. When they travel, they make it a point to visit gardens. When they read, it’s often about gardens. They are passionate about garden design and love beautiful aesthetics.


        Let us produce content that shows your product, botanic garden, or garden design business in a new light. We love telling stories and can help you develop articles or videos that connect with garden lovers across the country. Then we help your story get viewed by the most people. We post your content on our website ( and send it to thousands of people through our newsletter and social media channels. This paid content development is completely customized to your needs.

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