Does your home lack curb appeal? Make a good first impression by upgrading to a garden with lush landscaping and unique details. Give your garden its own distinct look by playing off the architectural style of the home and adding plants and décor that express your personal style.

Get an inside look at well-designed front yards in Seattle, Philadelphia, Beverly Hills and more:

一道本不卡高清专区-Michael Farndale

一道本不卡高清专区-Reinventing a Front Yard

See how a once nondescript front yard in Bothell, Wash. was transformed into a glorious Zen-like, lawn-free garden.

Design tip: If you want a landscape that requires no mowing, watering or fertilizing, be careful to select native plants that will thrive in your climate.

成人综合网-Rachel McGinn and Casey Pradelli

成人综合网-Front Yard Rose Garden

This gardener’s neighbors look forward to spring when her front yard rose garden, which they once questioned, comes into bloom.

Design tip: Plant perennials amongst your roses to hide their “ugly legs.”

欧美大片在线视频-Janet Loughrey

一道本不卡高清专区-Front Yard Transformation

Think your front yard is challenging? This property has a steep incline and is deeply shaded, but that didn’t stop the owner from creating an easy-care landscape that would thrive in all seasons.

Design tip: Plant hellebores on high terraces so that their downward facing blooms can be enjoyed at eye-level.

宅男福利视频-Maureen Gilmer

成人综合网-Desert Front Yard

The unique architecture of this home lends itself to an other-worldly garden. Along the front walkway, dense plantings of golden barrel cactus provide color and interest all year long.

Design tip: If your front yard is plagued with rocky soils, build raised planting areas and fill them with healthy soil to provide a larger root zone for your plants.

成人综合网-Gemma & Andrew Ingalls

一道本不卡高清专区-Beverly Hills Front Yard

A portion of this home’s front lawn was removed in lieu of a more showstopping garden and drought-tolerant design with a plant palette of black and white to tie in with the architecture.

Design tip: Look at your house colors and build a focused plant palette that will unite all the different elements of your front yard.


Annual FlowersLooking for quick seasonal color to welcome guests to your home? Plant these annuals.
Glorious HedgesWant to add privacy to your front yard? Plant a hedge.
Ornamental GrassesPrized for providing year-round interest, grasses make a great addition to any front garden.
SucculentsPerfect for warm, dry climates, succulents will add an eye-catching element to your front yard.
TreesPump up your curb appeal by planting a stately tree that flowers or has stunning fall foliage.

成人综合网-Watch this short video to see how to transform a suburban front yard.


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