Plant Picks for a Beautiful Winter Garden

            Discover Adrian Bloom’s favorite plants for adding color and texture to your winter garden.

                    Winter Gardening Tips and Chores

                    Get ideas for winterizing your garden and creating four season interest.

                            How to Prepare Your Garden for the Winter

                            Tips to ensure your garden has a peaceful winter sleep with the help from three essential books from Timber Press, you can treat your garden to a restful winter slumber, and it will awaken healthy and fresh for a new season.

                                    How to Design a Window Garden

                                    If you enjoy the company of houseplants, consider cultivating a window garden, which is ideal for showing off plants in the winter. Creating a window garden is easy—you need only to extend the existing sill, and then mount, on the window frame, glass shelves, brackets (if you want them), and lengths of wire (for training vines). In my window garden, I paint horticultural portraits to emphasize the seasons. In this slide show, I'll show you the many different window gardens I've created in my house.

                                            Frost Flowers

                                            Frost flowers form when when sap in the stem of a plant expands, casting long, thin cracks along the length of the stem.


                                            Winter Planning

                                            While your garden lay asleep for the winter, take a step back and spend some time on planning you garden. Landscape designers in Los Angeles, Connecticut, and Chicago share helpful insights on what you can do now to enjoy your garden this summer.


                                            I Love This Plant: Witch Hazel

                                            Among the plant world's many miracles, witch hazel may be the most restorative. In colder parts of the country, it is one of the only big plants to bloom during the low-light days when gardeners feel most despondent.

                                                    Growing Snowdrops

                                                    Learn how to plant snowdrop bulbs and care for them as they grow

                                                            Front Yard Makeover: A Winter Jewel Box

                                                            With the odds against her, Joanne Fuller of Portland Oregon turns her problematic sloped shade garden into a winter jewel box of hellebores and Lenten rose hybrids which can all be enjoyed at eye-level while still enjoying her privacy and the little natural light the mature oak trees allow.

                                                                    Our Guide to Conifers

                                                                    When it comes to conifers, the delight is in the details.

                                                                            Houseplants to the Rescue

                                                                            If the thought of approaching winter has you down about your garden, let houseplants come to the rescue! Tovah Martin, author of The Unexpected Houseplant, offers some great advice on how to make your windowsills shine all the way through spring.

                                                                                    Witch Hazel: A Tonic for Body and Soul

                                                                                    Bursting into bloom just as winter takes over, witch hazel not only offers hope that spring is on the way with its fragrant bright blooms, but also offers time-honored healing qualities that make these east coast natives a tonic for the body and soul.

                                                                                            A Guide to Bringing Outdoor Plants Inside

                                                                                            When it starts to get cold out, it only seems natural to make sure your pets are indoors and the kids have their scarves. Don’t forget a number outdoor plants can be brought indoors during the colder months to help save them for another season. Here's our guide to overwintering plants (as well as a list of which plants to toss).